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To think I was all ready to officially proclaim that spring has sprung. The snowblower – which saw some action this year – is drained and put away, the lawnmower properly serviced, the yard largely cleaned up, nearly ready for the first mow of the year which could happen this weekend. And what do we get this morning? Snow! Enough to have to scrape off the windshield. With temps last week in the upper 60s at the time of my April 11 Philadelphia show, I felt it appropriate to roll out “I Wait For April”. Not one of the newer bunch of songs but definitely the spirit of the season. Guess I may have been a few days too early. View my performance of “April” at The Legendary Dobbs here:

Changes of season and changes of scene have always been fuel for my songwriting. Earlier that Friday afternoon, I found myself sitting on a park bench at a spot I first visited many decades ago. My mom still lives in the same house a couple of blocks from that park. With no hurry to be any particular place, I just sat there on that beautiful spring afternoon and did nothing but listen to what was around me for about an hour. The little bell in my head told me to pull out my notebook and get busy. As soon as I got back to mom’s house, I went to the old piano – truth be told, it could use a tuning – and just started to play. It’s too soon to proclaim another song is born but I do believe the egg has been fertilized! Just one more affirmation that my songwriting muse has returned after a pretty major lull. That feels really good.

I am looking to book several shows over the summer in the New York metro area plus do another show in the Philadelphia area in October or November. Everything that’s firm is currently on my SHOWS page. This includes my ninth annual songwriters concert on Saturday, September 27. A new location this time, right in the heart of Huntington Village.

Of course, I'm always making lots of music. Plenty of shows with 27 EAST to keep me busy. It just keeps on going. The band does everything from Motown through a growing repertoire of today’s top dance hits.

Reminder: If you hit the widget below and sign up for my e-mail list, you may download for free most of the tunes from my latest album as well as some yet-to-be officially released material. Would love to hear from you!

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