Site updated 11/21/2014

Welcome to my favorite time of the year. Love the colors, the angle of the sun, even the cooler (and on the date of this update, downright cold) weather. Fall seems to bring out the best in my songwriting too as many of my own personal favorites were written in the months of October and November. Yes, I do keep track of these things. Fall is a very productive time, even as I wrestle with the lawn care and the leaves.

Since it’s November 15, I take note that many of my singer-songwriter friends are in the midst of an intensive, sleep-deprived weekend in upstate New York at the NERFA conference. NERFA stands for Northeast Region Folk Alliance and is one of the largest annual gatherings of singer-songwriters and more folk-inclined artists in the entire US, if not the world. I’ve been to six of them but not since 2010. Next November looks very promising. Why? Because I will have a new record done by then. Read on.

Last August, I began working on a recording at Cambridge Sound Studios in Philadelphia. With some keyboard and guitar overdubs cut at my own SilverSongs Studio in October and delivered to Cambridge the other week, I expect to be approving final mixes for the first four songs by mid-December. I call that a good beginning. What I’ve heard already definitely curls my toes!

OK, since I know you’re all curious., I’ll answer the question, why would I choose to work in Philadelphia when there are so many great studios and musicians in New York? The roots of so much of my songs, lyrically and melodically, are dug deep into the Philly fiber. Working with pros who “get” that puts us on the same page. So, in a nutshell, it’s about creating a piece of work without the tug-of-war that has sometimes ensued on my earlier recordings.

I will be posting those new tracks to my SoundCloud page as they’re done. Frankly, I am really excited about the songs that will become the new album.

Finally, I know there haven’t been all that many “originals” gigs this past year. Now that the songwriting muse seems to have returned with a vengeance, I’ve got to roll with it, even at the expense of some performing. You will find an announcement of my first Manhattan set in about two years on the SHOWS page. And it’s my first show of 2015. That’s happening January 29th. And I will be participating in RetroFest 40 on December 13th, doing a solo set of songs by Traffic, Lovin’ Spoonful, Johnny Rivers, The Band, and more. Other than that, what can I say but that the future is still a work in progress!

Only the best!!

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